Parking Near The Airport – The Cheaper Option!

Many big airports are faced with the problem of providing viable parking spaces for travellers and Melbourne is no different. Private car parks have been put up in convenient locations in Tullamarine and airport parking Melbourne is one of those. We serve the needs of commuters who are after a much better deal and who want their cars kept in secure environments while away on their holiday destination or when travelling for business. Our business is providing you peace of mind – without you having to pay through the nose!

Better security

When it comes to parking close to melbourne airport the key issue is security. The owners need to be assured that their vehicles are safe from any damage or loss. Our car parks are equipped with surveillance systems for the enhancement of security for the cars parked. They provide a detailed log of all the vehicles that have ever been parked. This is an important security measure since any unlawful activities are monitored.

Much cheaper than Melbourne airport

The spaces provided at Melbourne airport are exorbitantly priced and unaffordable to most travelers. Privately run car parks are the best option to solve the problem of cost most effectively. The rates at our car parking facility near the Melbourne airport terminal are very economical, and the longer the duration of parking, the less it will cost compared to the standard daily rate. We want you to save money while you travel.

More space means less time wasting for you

park off site to save timeMultiple floored buildings have been put up with the entire space being reserved for parking purposes exclusively. This has greatly reduced the problems caused by the stress of competing for car spots when in transit. The airport car parking facility is equipped with easy to use automated systems that quickly bill the customers without stress so you can get on with the business of traveling. These automatic systems are capable of accepting even credit cards as the means of payment. And when you have parked your car safely, simply hop on one of our courtesy shuttle buses and you will be at the terminal in a few minutes. No stress. No hassle. Just relax and get on with enjoying your vacation. In Melbourne, everything to do with finding airport car spaces are made easier for you – and no more looking for a car park for 20 minutes then having to walk 500 metres to the terminal with all your luggage. Just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Online access for booking

Online resources are another way for a person to find short term and long term parking facilities near the airport in Melbourne. Many of the providers have created websites with pictorial representations of the spaces that their services provide. These services are very important for people who want to drive themselves to the airport instead of leaving their cars at home and taking taxis.

Friendly staff – always available and accessible

The attendants at our car park premises close to the Melbourne airport terminal are very friendly to the customers and provide exemplary services that satisfy the needs of customers. If you choose to use the car parks we provide close to the Melbourne airport you will not only save money, but your travel transit experience will be seamless and easy – and you can get on with catching your flight and not worry about the headache of where to park your car or how to get to the airport.

Special deals for businesses

park near the airport for better ratesThere are special Melbourne airport parking offers for Corporate bodies, with preference being given for timely check-in and check-out at the parking station. Monthly billing avoids the hassle of daily payment. A permanent account is opened for easy monetary transactions. Automated payment counters are incorporated inside the parking areas to facilitate payment by cash or credit card. If you travel frequently we will look after you. Simply let us know you intend to use our service regularly and we can discuss discounts and easy payment options.

Easy airport access

Courtesy shuttle buses are at your service to take you to the Melbourne airport terminal and to bring you back again once you return. Call the the parking facility on our phone number to inform the shuttle bus drivers of your return, and your pick up bus will be there within minutes. So, whenever you are on your tour and taking a flight from Melbourne, to an international destination or traveling around Australia’s outback, book your car parking in advance to take advantage of the services available and hassle-free parking.